Thanks, Life, for Lemons and Tequila…

Tequila and limes. Been there. Done that.

Tequila and lemons. Sounds interesting. Let’s try it.

Tequila is a relatively universal liquor. Some might go so far as to say that it hasn’t met a citrus it didn’t like (#equalopportunitycitruslover). The Paloma mixes tequila and grapefruit to serve up freshness in a glass. A traditional Tequila Sunrise mixes tequila and orange juice (but the sun also rises over Calabria with a mix of tequila and lemon). It is in this spirit that we present ideas for the citrus fruit in your crisper drawer right now — the lemon.

Lemons in Glass Vase

Lemons and Tequila – Both Basic

You can use fresh lemon juice for just about everything. Literally. Lemon makes an excellent addition to meat or fish marinades. You can use it for cooking in just about every way imaginable. Not just in marinades, but in salad dressings or curing ceviche. You can even make a simple swap (lemons in exchange for limes) when cooking with tequila to create delicious lemon sauces and lemon icing.

Ripe Lemon in Hand

Pucker Up to Pick Your Favorite Lemon Variety

Lemons first provide a bit of a sweet taste that quickly dissolves into a sharp tart. Depending on the type of lemon you choose, some, like Meyer lemons, can be predominantly sweet. While Lisbon and Eureka varieties are more sour. Once you’ve decided on the recipes with which to remix the citrus, think about what flavor you want to come through. This will determine the lemon type to use.

Make Freshy Fresh Lemon Sour

Since you’re a tequila lover (that’s why you’re still reading), you probably have a favorite way to drink tequila. But, have you tried your favorite tequila with a twist of lemon? Or with pineapple juice and sour mix? You can use a store bought sour, or use lemons you have on hand to make your own. Simply combine a cup of lemon juice with a cup of simple syrup and a half cup of fresh squeezed lime juice. Put it in a fancy little bottle, and you now have a delicious sour mix to use in your cocktails or gift to someone special. Because your sour mix is homemade with fresh juices and no excess sugars, you will taste the difference.

Mason Jar with Lemon and Hot Tea

Bonus – Lemons Have Health Benefits

There’s a lot of talk in the health and fitness industry about the health benefits of lemon. It’s rumored that adding fresh lemon to water makes it alkaline, and therefore helps balance your body’s pH levels. Can you swap the water for tequila and get the same health benefits? That might take some more research.

Even if lemons can’t make tequila alkaline, they are a great source of potassium, which every body needs. Lemon juice may also be a natural aid in loosening muscles. It must be the potassium in the sour mix that made us such great dancers on Friday night. It couldn’t have been the tequila (hmmm…).

Lemon juice is soothing and has a relaxing effect. Think about a steaming cup of hot tea adorned with a bright yellow wedge of lemon. Instant relaxation. Old wives’ tales say that lemon can help soothe a sore throat when suffering from a cold. Maybe next time you feel a little run-down, in addition to reaching for the zinc, grab a snifter of tequila with a wedge of lemon.

Get the Order Right

Lick it, suck it, shoot it works with lemon too. Try it. Just remember the order is salt tequila lemon. And not lemon salt tequila. It’s just better that way.

The next time you’re drinking, cooking with, or testing the healing properties of tequila, try swapping out the limes for lemons. See for yourself how amazing this taste combination is.

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