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Azunia Tequila Supports the Baja Social Club

Azunia Tequila Supports the Baja Social Club


After more than two years of creation, filming and overcoming several near-terminal setbacks, the production team and off-road pioneers behind the film Baja Social Club presented by General Tire enjoyed

highly successful weekend at the recent Off-Road Expo in Pomona, California. Taking place at the historic Fairplex facility that also hosts two major NHRA race weekends, the Off-Road Expo drew a crowd of

nearly 50,000 enthusiastic fans over two days, as well as a large contingent of off-road industry professionals and VIPS.  The weekend included a display of historic Baja

race cars as part of the Oakley/Arciero Sports sales trailer and an autograph signing for the public in the Expo’s main hall.

General Tire Girls

General Tire ladies including 2013 Miss     Mint 400 Taylor Cox, Emily Roche, Chelse Schipper and Danielle Souza (L-R)     welcomed guests of the off-road industry to the red carpet for a     “sneak peek” preview of Baja Social Club at the DragonFire Exhibitor Party.  


Following several film and live demonstration by DragonFire, Despain kicked off the film “sneak peek” portion of the evening with opening remarks followed by a short Q & A session with    

Executive Producer and Baja historian Marty Fiolka. This was proceeded by more questions

for Wilson, Meyers and Evans, who joined Despain on stage. Film sponsor Oakley then

surprised Wilson, Meyers and Evans with specially-made Baja Social Club watches    

presented by Despain and Oakley’s Chris Petrillo. Despain then introduced the first look at

the film, which ran for nearly 18 minutes before enjoying  a loud round of applause by the

crowd and the off-road legends in attendance along with the film’s stars. The crowd included

off-road champions Bob and Robby Gordon, former PPI/Toyota crew chief Tommy Morris,    

several generations of the DeVercelly family, former Meyers Manx race car     mechanic Jim

Chamberlain and the duo of Chuck Andrade and Gary Weers, former competitors who were

made famous in the 1968 Mexican 1000 thanks to their appearance in ABC’s “Wide World of


Azunia's Jim Riley signing during the Baja Social Club autograph session

BSC cast members enjoyed signing nearly 500 newly printed Baja   Social Club posters for the public (above) and later for the off-road   industry. The line-up included (from left to right) Executive Producer Marty   Fiolka, Dave Despain, Rick Johnson, Jim Riley, Bruce Meyers, Vic Wilson, Mike   Pearlman and Walker Evans.   

“Bringing the first glimpses of the Baja Social Club project to Off-Road Expo felt like a homecoming and family reunion all at once, ” explained Director James Masters. “Everyone I spoke to was upbeat and positive about our progress and the story we are telling. For us, the biggest thrill was the fact that so many people can’t wait to see the rest of the film after seeing the first 18 minutes. Our heartfelt gratitude to Family Events, Off-Road Expo, DragonFire, General Tire, Oakley and Azunia for their hospitality and really making this weekend possible.” 

Documenting the maverick pioneers that exposed Mexico’s ruggedly exotic Baja peninsula in the late 1960s via off-road motorsports, the film also follows their return to this spiritual home via today’s General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 vintage rally. Baja Social Club is presented by General Tire with additional underwriting by Oakley, Azunia Tequila, NORRA and Armed Bandit Productions.  The project is officially authorized by the National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA), and is being directed by James Masters and was created by Executive Producer Marty Fiolka.


Baja Social Club Teaser