Nothin’ but Tacos and Tequila at Denver Taco Fest

The 2016 Denver Taco Fest took place at The Glitter Dome June 25th and 26th. The Glitter Dome is an old warehouse that now specializes in special events and social gatherings. For Taco Fest, two square blocks of the Dome were sectioned off for vendors and a “velvet rope” area made for a live music venue for VIP guests.

Azuñia represented at the tequila tasting gala on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Guests could buy passes to The Great Colorado Tequila and Agave Expo, where an amazing group of tequila brands offered samples of their best tequila. There was an impressive number of tequilas (nearly 40!) that guests could not only taste, but learn about. Who knew there was so much history in tequila making?

We sat down with Azuñia’s Colorado rep, Dennis Mills, and asked him some pressing questions about the event, tacos, and of course, tequila.


Q: Obviously, it would be nearly impossible to eat every taco at this year’s Denver Taco Fest. Which ones stuck out to you and why?

A: I wish we had more time the event to walk around or snap photos of all the yumminess, but we were able to visit several vendors both days. Our favorite food was offered by El Chignon Mexican Bistro (Shrimp tacos), Adelitas Denver Cocina and Cantina (corn on the cob and juice frescas) and High Point Creamery (homemade ice cream).

Q: Who did you bring to Taco Fest? What was Azuñia offering at this year’s event?

A: Cynthia and I were manning the booth. We brought all four labels of Azuñia, but focused primarily on our organic Blanco and Reposado. This was unique for the event, as the majority of the 2500 people in attendance had never sampled an organic tequila. We offered tastes of our añejo tequila and Azuñia Black, our 2-year aged Private Reserve añejo, for members of the service industry community and had fliers with us that showed where they could find Azuñia in Colorado.

We invited several partner establishments to come out and enjoy the festivities with us. Staff from Champa Fine Wine & Liquor, Bottle Shop 33 and The West End Tavern all came by the booth and say hello.

Q: If you had to guess, approximately how many Chihuahuas did you pet at this year’s Taco Fest?

A: I would have to say we got to pet our fair share of the dogs, but Cynthia fell in love with a particular “Chi-Weiner”. There was an adoption agency at the event with Chihuahuas that walked the dogs through the event from time to time.

Overall it was a fun and entertaining event. We made many new friends, and met a ton of people from all over the state, and we were happy to introduce them to Azuñia and our organic tequila.

Feel like you missed on out the fabulous-foodie and libation event? Westword Magazine was out snapping photos and put together a Denver Taco Fest slideshow on their website. And if looking through the memories is giving you a bit of FOMO, don’t worry, there’s another Denver food event, Tacolandia, coming soon on August 14th.

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