Best Portland Cocktail Bars, Rain or Shine

Best Portland Cocktail Bars


We are from the land of sunny blue skies, warm dry air, and thousands of different cactus. To us, Portland seems like a foreign land. The rain. The leafy green trees. All the cocktail bars. The hipsters. At least that’s what we’ve learned from binge-watching “Portlandia”. [We’re sure people from the Pacific Northwest have their own opinions of us that has something to do with endless bowls or tortilla chips and salsa and lounging under palm trees while basking in the sun every day of the week. #amiright?]

All you have to do to realize that Portland is more than water falling from the sky and handle-bar mustaches is to spend five minutes there. Portland is alive with high-rise offices and historical homes, boats moving in and out of the harbor, outdoor adventure, emerging businesses and established industry. And green is good.

A quick Wikipedia search on Portland tells you a lot about the thriving economy and growing population. The people of Portland (Portlandians?) are young (average age of 35). They’re hard workers lucky enough to live in a progressive, environmentally-friendly city that boasts an expansive public transit system, scenic walking paths, and a high tolerance for bicyclers.

Portland is Hip

Portland is hip. Trend-setting. If there’s one thing we know about cities with a population of 30-something go-getters, it’s that they have awesome cocktail bars and restaurants to hit up. This city is no exception. We spent some time scouting our favorite Portland cocktail bars and kept coming back to one: Brix Portland. Located in the heart of the Pearl District, Brix Portland stands bricks and mortar above the rest.

Brix Tavern Patio - Best Portland Cocktail Bar

Brix Tavern Patio – Best Portland Cocktail Bar

Brix Tavern is an upscale (like, really upscale) neighborhood bar – pool tables, dart boards, all the sports on TV, and so much more. This hot spot is the place to be for #margaritamonday, #tequilatuesday, #thirstythursday, #sundayfunday, or…you get the point, right? The pizza is perfection and the house special fish dishes are fantastic. It wouldn’t make our hotspot list if the burgers weren’t bodacious, too. Have you tried “The East”? It’s ground short rib, pretzel bun, Asian chilies, pickled red onion, heirloom tomato, black truffle emulsion, with rocket salad greens. #mindblown.

EAST Burger - Brix Tavern, Best Portland Cocktail Bar

It’s just our opinion, but a #sundayfunday seems perfectly spent sitting on Brix Portland’s patio, eating a burger or indulging in “chicken fried chicken and eggs” with a Hawthorne Bloody Mary to wash it down. The Hawthorne is a Brix speciality. It mixes habañero-infused Azuñia Blanco organic tequila, with house-made Bloody Mary mix and creative and delicious garnishes.

Hawthorne Bloody Mary - Brix Tavern, Best Portland Cocktail Bar

IMHO, Brix Tavern busts the mould, breaks the clichés and stands out as a great representation of what Portland cocktail bar scene is all about. Go see for yourself. There’s always a reason to #hitthebrix, from All Night Happy Hour to Flip Wednesday. It’s Brix for the win just about every day of the week, any time of the year.

Bill Walton and Azuñia Tequila

Find Azuñia Where You Live, Not Just in Portland Cocktail Bars

Don’t live in Portland and want to find a hotspot near you that serves up some custom craft cocktails made with Azunia? Find  Azuñia Tequila near you.

The city thrives on its weird reputation. It even has a slogan, “Keep Portland Weird.” You’ll find it on bumper stickers, billboards, and city buildings, promoting residents’ individuality and expressionism. We love it for that and for everything else it offers.

Bill Walton, legendary NBA Hall of Famer and former Portland Trailblazer, definitely keeps Portland weird. He follows the Grateful Dead around the country. He likes to recite the names of Oregon’s rivers. But what does Mr. Walton have to do with tequila? He’s an equity partner in Azuñia, and he is making sure that Portland cocktails bars like Brix are keeping their shelves stocked with Azuñia.

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