The Heat is On: Hot Tiki Drinks

Hot Tiki Drink Recipes


Say what? “Hot” tiki drinks? Is that even a thing? Actually, it is. As odd as it may sound, not only is it a thing, it’s a really good thing. During our lecture on Punch and Punch Bowl History, we stuck to the frozen drinks that are the well-known face of the tiki tradition. But tiki has a warm side that, while lesser known, is just as good as its slushy other half. You already know a few theories about tiki history, so we’re going skip over that chapter. Instead, let’s dive right in to some hot tiki drink recipes to warm up your fall nights.

Hot Tiki Drink Recipes

The Heat of the Matter – Hot Tiki Drink Recipes

There is some confusing lingo used to describe fruity drinks. Terms like “punch”, “tropical drinks”, and “tiki drinks” are sometimes used to describe the same drink. Punch is a juice drink shared among friends. A tropical drink is a fruity drink with an umbrella (sometimes) that conjures up images of vacations. A tiki drink can be a punch or tropical drink but it is specific to a drink that originated in a tiki bar. Some popular tiki drinks are the Mai Tai, the Navy Grog, the Zombie, and the Scorpion. Punch, tropical cocktails, and tiki drinks usually share the stage, but today, we’re going to put tiki drinks in the hot seat.

The first drink under the spotlight is the Mai Tai. This hot buttered twist on the Mai Tai, mixes softened butter, orange zest and almond extract with dark rum and honey for a velvety cup of yumminess. This is one warm tiki drink recipe that will heat you up from the inside out. The Butter Me Up is our version, combining añejo tequila and vanilla. It’s topped with cardamom whipped cream for a dessert in a tiki mug.

Donn’s Beachcomber created the Cafe Diable with citrus, coffee, brandy and spices. Trader Vic’s served Coffee Grog, a caffeinated drink with rum, citrus, and spice. The next tiki drink to get lit is the Kope Lani, a combination of Donn and Vic’s coffee creations. True to its origins, it is hot coffee spiked with rum (and other spirits), with hints of clove, cinnamon, sugar, and citrus. Sub the rum for añejo to take a different spin on this tiki coffee mash-up. You can warm up the coldest of nights (literally) with the Kope Lani, even if you choose not to swap the rum for tequila.

Hot Tiki Drink Recipes

Punch is Hot, too

It’s best to enjoy punch through communal imbibing. We love it because we love our friends and sharing with our friends. The Not So Innocent combines rum, apple cider, maple syrup and bitters for the perfect party. A garnish of rosebuds and cranberries makes it a true harvest afternoon delight. We might be stretching the “tiki” part of this concoction. But a hot drink shared with friends is our favorite tiki-trend.

More is More with Tiki Drinks

We have given you a few of our favorite hot tiki drink recipes to turn the heat up on your chilly afternoon or evening. There are always more recipes where these came from. (You should see our recipe book. Seriously, no one has more tequila cocktail recipes than we do.) To get our best recipes, learn about tequila trends or the history of your favorite drinks, sign up for our weekly newsletter. It’s a great read while you’re indulging in a cozy mug o’ tiki.

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