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Azunia Tequila is hand-labeled

Honestly Authentic

Azuñia Tequila is smooth, clean craft quality tequila with authentic flavor from the local terroir in every sip.

It is the exclusive export of Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán and its second- generation, family-owned-and-operated Rancho Miravalle estate. Rancho Miravalle has created exceptional tequila for over 20 years. Made with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in dedicated fields of the Jalisco valleys, we harvest by hand. Then we roast the organic agave in traditional clay hornos to ensure authenticity and depth of flavor.

We then finish with a natural, open-air fermentation process and bottle on-site. Bottling in small batches using a consistent process delivers field-to-bottle quality tequila.
We bottle Azuñia Tequila with care, labeling each bottle by hand. Our Master Distiller, Salvador Rivera Cordona, numbers and signs each bottle of Azuñia Black tequila, our 2-year extra-aged special reserve añejo.

Quality Tequila begins in quality soil

Honestly Homegrown

Azuñia Tequila is created and cultivated in the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico, where the soil and climate is perfect for growing Weber Blue Agave. The fertile volcanic territory, where soil naturally deposited over 200,000 years ago, is home to our dedicated agave fields
Many other tequila producers source their agave from a variety of growers. But, we choose only the best plants from our acres owned and maintained by Sergio Zuñiga and family. This quality control enables us to consistently produce great-tasting craft tequila with full ripe flavors.
We choose only perfectly aged Weber Blue Agave, which grows harmoniously for 8 to 10 years in our sun-drenched fields surrounding the small town of AmatitánEach plant flourished from the rich nutrients found in the fertile volcanic earth and abundance of temperate weather.
Our agave grows to the peak of ripeness, between 8 to 10 years, until the sugars are at the optimal level, before harvestingExpert jimadors carefully hand select the ready agave plants, and using a coa (razor sharp tool) cut the spiky leaves away from the precious core, the piña.

Quality Tequila - Hand Shaving PInas

Honestly Handmade

Each prized agave piña is harvested and split by hand in the fields, then taken to our estate-owned distillery. There we steam cook the piñas using hornos (traditional clay ovens), slow roasting each batch for up to 36 hours. The cooked piñas are then crushed in the pressing mills to extract the agave juice. Since the agave fibers may reabsorb much of the juice, the fibers are rinsed in order to obtain the optimal amount of juice from each press. The result of the wash is called aguamiel, or honey water.
Other tequila brands use commercial yeasts to accelerate fermentation. But, Azuñia uses only natural fermentation. Yeast is produced naturally through the 5-7 day process, depending on outside temperature and humidityIt may take longer to ferment than other brands, but this traditional method helps create the distinct flavor of Azuñia Tequila. The tequila is then double distilled for purity, to separate the heads and tails from the juice – leaving only pure, clear quality tequila. We then uniquely filter the batch one more time to achieve the smooth, luxurious flavor found in our tequilas.
After fermentation, double distillation and final filtration, we achieve the perfect un-aged tequila, Azuñia Blanco organic tequila. Azuñia Reposado organic tequila rests for a minimum of 8 months. We age our Azuñia Añejo tequila for a minimum of 12 months in American Oak barrels, just like our reposado.
Our hands do the work – from growing, harvesting, distilling and labeling to building the barrels and the wooden boxes our Azuñia Black, 2-year extra aged Añejo, is packaged in. We take the time to masterfully create a high-quality craft tequila for you to savor.

Honestly Organic

Only the best Weber Blue Agave plant and the purest water make the best quality tequilas. At Azuñia, we take pride that our Blanco and Reposado tequilas have USDA organic certification. For tequila to be USDA Certified and BioAgriCert Organic, a rigorous certification process must be followed. The Weber Blue Agave must be grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The tequila process also must not include any additives. The regulations are stringently adhered to and we must go through an annual recertification process to maintain the organic status.

100% Blue Agave Tequila – Honestly Authentic

Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila
Azuñia Reposado Organic Tequila
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