Take the No Plastic Straws 365 Challenge

On average, U.S. Consumers use as many as 500,000,000 plastic straws daily.

We think we can do better – together! Join Azuñia Tequila, other leading beverage brands, bartenders, and friends and be a part of a small change that can lead to extraordinary results.

Why say “no plastic straws?”

  • Currently, an estimated 100,000 marine mammals, and many more thousands of sea turtles, fish, and birds, die from plastic debris each year.
  • The amount of plastic in the oceans can cover almost 500 million square miles and is growing.

Accept the challenge, and say “no plastic straws” every day for the next year to act against plastic pollution, one straw at a time! *

We can all make a difference.

At Azuñia Tequila, we’re proud to produce USDA-Organic products without chemicals or additives and have a deep heritage of sustainable farming.  We honor that heritage by doing our best to connect our values to yours. In keeping with our commitment to our artisan and honest process, we’re leading this initiative, with the hope of reducing millions of plastic straws that are thrown away across the U.S. every day by encouraging people to choose to make a small change.

Stainless steel straws are a great reusable, recyclable alternative to plastic straws*.

Take the #noplasticstraws365 challenge.

Twenty-one million and counting! Together, that’s how many plastic straws we’ve pledged to eliminate from our landfills and oceans. We hope you feel as good as we do about this because, without your participation, we couldn’t have made such a positive impact!

Not only have we reached our initial goal – we blew right past it! Thank you! We’ve already sent out over 1,000 Azuñia Tequila re-usable, recyclable stainless steel straws to the first people who signed up for the challenge. And we will continue sending out hundreds more of the environmentally-friendly straws as randomly selected from those who signed up after we met our initial goal.

We can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful participation in this challenge! Keep an eye out on social for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Accept our #noplasticstraws365 challenge by clicking “Take the Challenge.” Your action will encourage others around you to join in! Together we can reduce the unnecessary build-up of billions of straws in landfills and the ocean.

Take the Challenge


I will do my best to remember to order with a “no straw please”.

I’ll try to use my own reusable and/or recyclable straw, or go without. Metal straws are easily kept in a purse or car for easy use.

I’ll let others know that a simple change, done with others, can make an enormous impact.

**your signature**

34,829 signatures = 3483% of goal

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While supplies last. We ship within the U.S. only at this time. 

Download and Share the Challenge.

Share the #noplasticstraws365 challenge with your friends! It’s an easy way to multiply our impact.

Download your image and share why you are saying #NOPLASTICSTRAWS365.

To download, click on an image, then right click the image on the new page and “Save Image As” to your computer.


Please, join us!

Are you with a bar, restaurant or brand who believes we can do better? Find out how to partner with us to bring the No Plastic Straws 365 challenge to your establishment.


We’re proud partners with:

Total Beverage Solutions  


We know many of our friends in the disability community require a straw to drink, and we are sensitive to this. Our program is voluntary, and we’ve ensured our partners have straw options available for everyone. We are also committed to providing a reusable, recyclable bent metal straw to any person with a disability, should they want one, by contacting us at noplasticstraws@azuniatequila.com.


Running total! Updated Weekly.

21,474,320 Less Straws*

*Azuñia Tequila’s #noplasticstraws365 seeks to reduce the number of single-use plastic straws. On average, every person in the U.S. uses 620 plastic straws per year. That’s 620 fewer straws for every one person who accepts the #noplasticstraws365 challenge.

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