Azuñia Tequilas

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Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila


Clean, floral and fruity, our Blanco Tequila is equally impressive sipped alone or mixed into a flavorful cocktail. An un-aged award-winner, Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila boasts agave, lemon and tropical fruit flavors, finishing off with notes of light pepper and citrus. Try it in your favorite margarita, or take a more adventurous turn with one of our craft cocktail recipes.

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Azuñia Reposado Organic Tequila


Unanimously dubbed the “World’s Best” reposado tequila by the San Francisco World Spirits 2018 panel of judges, Azuñia Reposado Organic Tequila rests in American oak barrels for up to eight months before making its way to your table or soiree.

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Azuñia Añejo Tequila


Clean, smooth and palate-pleasing, Azuñia’s Añejo is arguably best sipped and savored slowly. Pour it straight into a snifter to experience the full flavor brought on by aging, or try an elegant twist on a classic cocktail like a tequila Old Fashioned or a Mexican Manhattan.

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Azuñia Black Tequila


Bold, distinct and artfully crafted, Azuñia Black Tequila undergoes two years of extra aging before making its way to your glass. Every bottle produced is hand-signed by Master Distiller Salvador Rivera Cardona, making this ultra-premium, deep amber-colored sipping tequila the smoothest tequila.

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Sweeten the Deal With Azuñia Agave Syrup

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From Our Hands to Yours


You can’t rush perfection, and at Azuñia, this applies to our product as well as our process. Our premium-quality tequilas start with Weber Blue Agave grown to peak ripeness, and we then follow a time-tested production process we’ve spent generations fine-tuning. The end result is a smooth, flavorful and highly distinct final product, and while it’s sensational as a standalone, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to margaritas and other craft cocktails.