Azuñia Blanco Tequila

Un-aged organic Azuñia Blanco Tequila offers a clean floral nose with hints of agave and lemon.
Celebrate with its long finish of light pepper and citrus.

Our blanco tequila is the perfect choice for a smooth, mixable spirit. Try it in our popular Azuñia Organic Skinny Margarita, or take a more adventurous turn with craft cocktails like the Beauregarde’s Cocktail Party or our Strawberry Basil Martini.

  • Made with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in dedicated fields of the Jalisco valley
  • Piñas harvested by hand and roasted 36 hours in traditional clay hornos
  • Double-distilled and finished with a natural, open-air fermentation process
  • USDA Certified and BioAgriCert Organic
  • Available in 750ml and 1-liter bottles

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Tasting Awards

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