Coffee and Tequila Drinks: Marital Bliss

Wedding Bells for Tequila Coffee Drinks

“I’ll have a twist of lemon.” At the end of our favorite scene in “LA Story”, they could be talking about tequila. After all, tequila is the #equalopporunitycitruslover. But they’re not. They are talking about coffee, and today so are we. You thought we were nuts to pair a citrus other than lime with tequila, and now we’re writing about tequila coffee drinks. You may be getting ready to call the alcohol funny farm because we most certainly must be off our rockers. But stick with us. Coffee is life, and tequila is love. Which means tequila coffee drinks must equal a lovely life. There’s even a relatively common drink on many dessert menus, Mexican Coffee, that’s like Irish coffee, but with tequila. Need we say more?

Of course, we will. We’re talking about more than Mexican coffee. It’s delicious, but frankly a little average. Around here, we are constantly working on taking run-of-the-mill and making it special, unique, and authentic by mixing up these coffee and tequila recipes.

Maybe tequila coffee drinks don’t ring “authentic” to you. But think of the rich history and cultivation processes of tequila. It parallels that of the harvesting and roasting of coffee beans. The similarities don’t end with harvesting. Coffee is roasted, and tequila produced, in three broad levels – light (blanco), medium (reposado), or dark (añejo). Coffee and tequila drinks can be served heated or enjoyed over ice. When comparing the two side by side it sounds like tequila coffee cocktails are a perfect match and our coffee and tequila recipes are an ace.

Caffeinate Your Tequila

There are many options for getting a caffeine boost in your tequila, including DIY coffee liqueur. We commend you DIY-ers. Only the extra-caffeinated could figure out how to fit in a DIY infusion in an already jam-packed day. If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We know time is a precious commodity. Just mixing a cocktail, let alone making the craft ingredients to go in the cocktail, is time-consuming enough. As a general rule, store-bought liqueur works just as well in spiked coffee drink recipes. You can also sub out home-brewed espresso or coffee for the liqueur.

Sometimes just looking for recipes can take more time than we have available. We handled that for you. Try the Spiked Horchata posted by one of our Instagram followers. Or how about a coffee-spiked margarita like the one featured on a coffee blog we follow. We had to dig really deep to find this one, but our favorite coffee tequila drink gets to the Heart and Soul of the romance between the two beverages. And hopefully, it will find its way into your heart too.

We’re All Jitters

It’s happened to us. That rumbling in our stomachs, the shaking hands and the lightheadedness that only comes from one thing – too much coffee*. Yikes. It feels bad enough when you’ve gulped your third cup in the morning after a hearty breakfast. Imagine what it would feel like to add a little tequila buzz. Because of that, we recommend that you stick to the recipe and just have one caffeinated cocktail until you know how it will affect you. The only jittering you should be doing is out on the dance floor.

Coffee IS Life

Coffee is the building block of our most productive days. Sometimes, it’s the cornerstone to our nights as well. One must thoroughly caffeinate before heading out for the evening. Honestly, tequila never sleeps, and coffee helps us, mere mortals* keep up.

*Editor’s Note: to prepare for this piece, the writer of the blog consumed copious amounts of coffee (sans tequila) and ended up shaking, a little nauseous, and quite argumentative.

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Pick up a Bottle

You can find Azuñia tequilas at fine restaurants, bars, and retailers across the country.



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