Coffee and Tequila Drinks: Rise and Shine

By September 15, 2019 September 17th, 2019 Blog

Your coffee may be strong enough, but does it have enough spirit? Most of us are accustomed to our morning cup of joe. But your favorite caffeinated beverages shouldn’t be limited to just being paired with cream and sugar.

That’s where we come in.

You may have treated yourself to a Mexican Coffee, a drink commonly found on dessert menus, but we’re going beyond that. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me up, an evening boost, or are simply eager to take your wake-up call to the next level, we’ve got the unique and authentic tequila coffee cocktail recipes that you didn’t know you needed – until now.

Coffee and tequila have more in common than you may think. The rich history and cultivation process of tequila parallels that of the harvesting and roasting of coffee beans. But the similarities don’t end with harvesting. Coffee is roasted and tequila is produced in three broad levels – light (blanco), medium (reposado), or dark (añejo). Additionally, you can serve both coffee and tequila drinks heated or enjoyed over ice.  When comparing the two side by side, it’s clear that tequila and coffee are a perfect match.

Caffeinate Your Tequila

There are many options for getting a caffeine boost in your tequila, including DIY coffee liqueur. However, we know that time is a precious commodity – especially when it comes to getting your caffeine (and cocktail) fix. Store-bought liqueur works just as well in spiked coffee drink recipes. You can even sub out home-brewed espresso or coffee for the liqueur.

We understand that looking for recipes can be time-consuming, so we pulled our top recommendations for you. Try the Spiked Horchata posted by one of our Instagram followers. Or how about a coffee-spiked mocha margarita like the one featured on Qué Rica Vida. Our favorite coffee tequila drink gets to the Heart and Soul of the romance between the two beverages, paired with hints of cinnamon and clove. And hopefully, it will find its way into your heart too.

We’re All Jitters

Another similarity between coffee and tequila is you should drink both responsibly. When mixing up your caffeinated cocktails, we recommend that you stick to the recipe and start with one until you know how it will affect you. The only jittering you should be doing is out on the dance floor.

Perk Up

We hope these tequila cocktail recipes have you buzzing already. When you create your own tequila and coffee drink, be sure to tag us on social media to show off your concoction. Also, be sure to give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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