Miravalle Sunset

Blood Orange Margarita

As the sun dips down over Rancho Miravalle, casting a beautiful glow on the horizon. Beneath the sunset grows 100% Weber Blue Agave, beginning its journey to become tequila. Mixologist Yvonne Mendez perfectly captured the awe that falls over the landscape in Amatitán at dusk. The Miravalle Sunset, a twist on a blood orange margarita, combines Azuñia Reposado organic tequila, Grand Marnier, Monin Blood Orange Purée, simple syrup, and Sparkling Blood Orange Cider. From the first sip to the last call, the Miravalle Sunset will transport you to a magical land where the sun sets slowly over the majestic landscape.

Miravalle Sunset
  • 1½ oz Azuñia Reposado Organic Tequila
  • ½ oz Grand Marnier
  • 1½ oz Monin Blood Orange Purée
  • ½ oz Homemade Vanilla Simple Syrup
  • Martinelli Sparkling Blood Orange Cider
  1. Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (except the sparkling blood orange).
  2. Shake.
  3. Pour in a highball glass then top the cocktail with the Martinelli Sparkling Blood Orange Cider.
  4. Garnish with blood orange wheels.
Pick up a Bottle

You can find Azuñia tequilas at fine restaurants, bars, and retailers across the country.


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