The Meaning of Cinco de Mayo

By April 29, 2019 July 17th, 2019 Blog

Do you know the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo?

As it turns out, few do. It has been long rumored that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexican Independence. Many people use the date as an opportunity to overindulge in their favorite Mexican dishes. Some consider it a day best spent at the bars with a copious amount of tequila. With the date right around the corner, there is no better time to set the record straight on the true meaning behind this annual celebration.

Why Do We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

The meaning of Cinco de Mayo is literally translated to the 5th of May. Despite the rumors, Cinco De Mayo has nothing to do with Mexico’s independence.

The real Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th,  and commemorates the day that Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla asked the Mexican people to stand up against the Spanish government. Cinco de Mayo is the date that honors the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla.

What is the Battle of Puebla? Mexico had acquired some serious debt to several European countries during their annexation from Spain. Spain and England were able to negotiate debt-repayment with Mexico, but France, under Napoleon III’s rule would not back down. The country sent large numbers of troops into Mexico – thousands more than the Mexican Army. It was a surprise to everyone that on the 5th of May in 1862 they won what would be historically known as the Battle of Puebla.

How Should We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Ironically, Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo with more vigor than the majority of Mexico. The celebration exception is the town of Puebla, where the historical battle took place. Puebla honors the well-fought battle with parades, festive music, traditional food, and folkloric dancing.

Traditional Mexican chicken enchiladas with spicy chocolate salsa mole poblano. Enchiladas with sauce mole from Puebla, Mexico..

Celebrate With Traditional Mexican Cuisine

One of the best ways to celebrate any holiday is with traditional cuisine, which goes beyond ordering a plate of tacos and a fishbowl margarita. Honestly authentic Cinco de Mayo food is richer than that. Tastes include mole poblano, chalupas, and chiles en nogada. These iconic dishes are bright and vibrant, reflecting the colors of the Mexican flag; white, red, and green.

Commemorate Cinco de Mayo with our Organic Margarita Recipe

Cocktails are just as important as the food when it comes to an authentic celebration. The Orgánica is our honest expression of a skinny margarita and is a festive addition to any traditional celebration. Follow these easy instructions to make the simple, four-ingredient Orgánica margarita:

Get the Ingredients:

  • 1.5 oz Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila
  • .75 oz Azuñia Organic Agave Syrup
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • Splash of water
  • Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker
  • Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and pour into a salt-rimmed glass
  • Top with fresh or dehydrated lime wheel garnish

Another classic favorite is our Margarita Auténtica. However, if you’re looking to expand your drink palate, we have some equally simple and delicious cocktail suggestions for you to taste.

Try the Tequila Negroni, a classic cocktail with a Blanco twist. Craving something a little fruitier? The Paloma is sure to satisfy. We also suggest the rich Amatitán Old Fashioned, a cocktail that is truly deferential to the history of Mexico. And for a glimpse at the beauty of our homeland, mix up a slightly spicy Sonoran Sunrise.

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