Everything’s Bigger: One of the Best Restaurants in Dallas

Texas Flag - The Best Restaurants in Dallas

You may think of Dallas as a sprawling metropolis. A concrete jungle where Cowboys (how about them Cowboys?) rule on and off the field. Where Stetsons and ostrich boots are acceptable office attire, and everything you eat is meat or slathered in barbecue sauce. BTW, nothing wrong with that! However, Dallas is bigger than all that. True, the Cowboys rule the conversation these days. But the “Big D” is a city of wide-open spaces, big hearts, diverse food, and great cocktails all rooted in the history of the city. The Dallas restaurant scene lives up to the state motto: “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Especially the food. We spent some time dining at the best restaurants in Dallas (we love our job) and found one that stands a little taller than the rest.

Meso Maya Comida y Copas

Big Historical Eats at the Best Restaurants in Dallas

Meso Maya Comida Y Copas is a culinary adventure of authentic Mexican food. Their location on McKinney Avenue is a true historical landmark with a 75-year old story. In 1938, the building was constructed to house the Luna Tortilla Factory and El Fenix. These were the cornerstones of Dallas’ “Little Mexico” community. Nearly 5 years ago, the building was renovated, and Meso Maya launched a new era of Mexican cuisine in the landmark building.

The menu, curated by Executive Chef Nico Sanchez, is an exploration of flavors native to the interior of Mexico. Tastes of the Yucatan, Vera Cruz, and Chiapas dominate the menu in a big way. Start with the house specialty, Pozole Verde. Pozole Verde is a green tomatillo chicken soup with hominy, cilantro, poblano peppers and queso fresca. Then order the Carne, wood-grilled marinated skirt steak with avocado tomatillo sauce and pickled red onions. Since we like big flavor, their habañero salsa complements the Carne boldly. Because every good meal ends with chocolate, we recommend you indulge in the Pastel de Chocolate. This Oaxacan (step 1: learn how to pronounce Oaxaca) dark chocolate cake is served with fresh corn ice cream and finished with a warm chocolate rum sauce.

Pastel de Chocolate

Bigger Drinks at the Best Restaurants in Dallas

You can’t enjoy a robust dinner without a cocktail with a big punch. Meso Maya’s cocktail menu is just as bold as its food menus. Several signature margaritas and Oaxacan cocktails top the list. The drink menu rounds out in a big way with 40-plus sipping tequilas, including all Azuñia profiles. The Margarita de La Casa is a traditional margarita (ask for it with Azuñia) Blanco tequila, fresh lime and Oaxacan sea salt served on the rocks or frozen. If your taste buds seek something sweeter, try the Remolino Swirl. It’s a bodacious and beautiful mix of house made sangria swirled with blended margarita.

Bottles on Bar

Location, Location, Location

Like we mentioned, Dallas is a big city. It’s not always easy to get from one end of town to the other. Luckily, Meso Maya has 3 convenient locations for your dining and drinking pleasure. In addition to the historic site on McKinney Avenue, other eatery locations are Preston Forest on Preston Road, and their newest hot spot, Lakewood on Abrams Road. Naturally, we recommend visiting all of them.

Dallas Skyline

Super (Bowl) in Texas       

Rumor central has the Cowboys headed for Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas, a short 3½-hour drive from Dallas. If the Cowboys fall short of the power-ranking predictions, or if you don’t find yourself living large in Dallas, don’t despair. Azuñia is available in other large (and small cities) across the U.S. To find a retail location, bar or restaurant that sells Azuñia, visit the Where to Buy Azuñia map. Can’t find your city or just feel like ordering tequila online? Azuñia is available at several Internet retailers. In just a couple of clicks, you can have a bottle or 3 delivered right to your doorstep. Now THAT’S big!

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