Women Leading the Hospitality Industry

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October is National Women’s Business Month, dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women who are breaking through glass ceilings across the globe. The hospitality industry is filled with women who are doing great things and inspiring others through their success. Even though this month is specifically dedicated to them, we’re celebrating these amazing women in hospitality all year round.

That’s why we’re highlighting these women, leading the charge in the hospitality industry who know how to work hard and are weighing in on just what it’s like to be a woman in this industry. From master mixologists to premium food photographers to hospitality interior designers, and beyond – the ladies listed below truly deserve recognition. Join us in pouring a glass, then raise it to these amazing women and all they have accomplished.

Charity Johnston – Beverage Director


Charity Johnston has been behind the bar since age 21 and worked at various restaurants and bars in Los Angeles.
Her first menu was launched at Roku’s opening, for which she won the 2016 Zagat 30 under 30 award. She went on to work side by side with Gordon Ramsay on FOX tv’s The FWord, pairing cocktails to his creations.

Following that, she was on bar rescue as John Taffer’s bar expert. Currently, Charity is the Global Beverage Director for The Madera Group, which includes Toca Madera and Tocaya.

Kariza Anna – Bar Manager

“People are the best part of the hospitality industry: from the people you work with to the people you serve. In an industry dominated by men, I have been blessed to work side by side with unbelievably amazing women.”

Kariza is a Bar Manager for Toca Madera in West Hollywood, CA. She also won second place in Eastside Distilling’s Home is Where the Bar Is virtual bartender competition hosted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for her original creation, The Bahay Blossom. Get the recipe for this simple yet unforgettable cocktail made with Azuñia Blanco organic tequila, rambutans, jasmine tea syrup, calamansi juice, and Nigori sake on eastsidedistilling.com.

Lauren Castano – Tequila Influencer

“I’ve been in the hospitality industry for 25 years & have worked in a family Mexican restaurant and tequila bar for 18 years. My favorite quote about women in the industry would have to be this short, but powerful statement, ‘When Woman Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen,'” Lauren told us.

“I’ve been led by many strong women in the industry, and I love that I belong to a strong group of women in the tequila community who continue to support one another and empower others to be their best. There is an incredible amount of strength in sisterhood. Tequila has been a long time favorite spirit of mine (especially Azuñia). For the last year, I have been building an Instagram blog, organically, that includes everything tequila. I’ve loved every minute of growing my tequila horizons while building my blog. I’ve met some incredible people along the way, especially since the pandemic.”

Nicole Herman – Interior Styling and Hospitality Designer

“When I hear the word ‘Hospitality,’ I immediately think of two words – ‘passion + warmth.’ I have had the privilege and honor of designing hospitality spaces for over a decade. It is my passion. Through each design, I hope to make a guest feel warmed and welcomed. I love that hospitality spaces are always at the forefront of design. They are where people want to go and the spaces everyone talks about. “Have you tried the latest restaurant?” “Did you hear about the crazy amazing local bar?” When people ask, “what is hospitality?” I typically reply, “all of the fun stuff.”

Kimberly Balderas – Bartender

“Who said a woman couldn’t do it. Women empowering women. Cheers!”

Aida Mollenkamp – Food and Travel Expert

“I was drawn to hospitality because I wanted to help bring joy to people’s everyday life but I didn’t expect  that the industry would do the same for me thanks to all the incredible friends and colleagues I’d meet! There’s a diverse group of women in this industry but they’re largely incredible, strong, inspiring individuals who all share the goal of celebrating life and creating moments of delight. I’m lucky to call this industry my home and to have made lifelong friends along the way.”

Aida is the food and travel expert behind Salt & Wind, a travel company for food lovers. Join her as she takes travelers to California, Italy, Mexico, and beyond so you can “taste the world.” She’s also a partner in Border Free Media, a media company helping brands design storytelling strategies with audience impact.

We also were lucky enough to have Aida join us as one of our judges in our Home is Where the Heart islive cocktail competition. In the competition, we asked expert mixologists to show us the flavors, memories, and traditions of their hometown, reflecting their roots, home, and the traditions that make it special.

Joni Schrantz – Food Industry Photographer

“I feel so lucky to be a part of the food and beverage community in Colorado,” said Joni, the veteranfood industry photographer.

“Connecting with chefs, bartenders, and small business owners in my area truly feeds my soul. I love walking into an establishment and feeling like I’m seeing old friends because I’ve been lucky enough to build friendships with many of my clients over time. It’s an honor that they trust me with their company’s image and branding, and I never take lightly that I get to create for a living and do something that I truly enjoy.”

Lakia Clarke – Bartender

Lakia shared this quote: “If you see a woman that has everything going for herself and you’re not ready to add value to her life… just admire her from afar. Please don’t interrupt her greatness.” – Unknown

Zulma Cobian – Bartender

Zulma or “Z” as her friends here at Azuñia call her, said: “11 years in the industry, it’s so damn refreshing to get to work with some amazing and talented women. Shoutout to all the extraordinary women in the industry!”

Jesse Peterson – Bartender

“During these times of chaos, I truly feel that we work in the best industry in the world!” said the San Diego-based bartender at Morning Glory. “Brothers & sisters coming together in one huge passion project of creativity, hospitality, and the caring drive to make people happy when they sit down at the bar with us. The fierce ladies I’ve gotten to know over the years are an absolute inspiration to me every day!”

Dear Women in Hospitality, Thank You

From all of us at Azuñia, we send a heartfelt thank you to everyone taking steps to further this industry that has given us so much. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Cocktails To-Go Toca Madera

Transforming an Immersive Cocktail Experience to a Cocktails-to-Go Program

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Cocktails To-Go Toca Madera

In these unprecedented times, the future of our most-loved restaurants and bars have fallen into question. Due to the mandated closures sweeping our nation, many establishments in the hospitality industry have closed their doors to the public or limit their offerings for customers purely for take-out orders. For many, the result has been a massive decrease in patronage. But for Charity Johnston of Toca Madera, business is booming.

Charity is the Global Beverage Director for The Madera Group. This organization develops, owns, and operates well-known restaurant venues throughout Southern California and Arizona, including the Toca Madera concept in Beverly Hills and Scottsdale. Despite their current success, the leadership team at the Madera Group wasn’t so hopeful right out of the gate. We sat down with Charity to inquire about how Toca Madera is handling the drastic changes and challenges in the industry.

Charity Johnson - Toca Madera




Charity Johnston has been behind the bar since age 21 and worked at various restaurants and bars in Los Angeles. Her first menu was launched at the opening of Roku, which she was awarded the 2016 Zagat 30 under 30 award for. She went on to work side by side with Gordon Ramsay on FOX tv’s The FWord, pairing cocktails to his creations. Following that, she was on bar rescue as John Taffer’s bar expert. Currently, Charity is the Director of Beverage for the Madera Group which includes Toca Madera and Tocaya.





How has your business strategy changed at Toca Madera during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At Toca Madera, we are all about the experience. From food and cocktails to decor and atmosphere, we rely heavily on visualization and extravagance. Before the pandemic, to-go service was never a part of our concept for Toca Madera. We took the first two weeks of the stay-at-home order to take a step back to visualize how we would execute this new service. How could we translate our modern vibe into take-out offerings while still maintaining our brand? We knew it was our duty to do something for our California and Arizona communities that we love to serve.

Thanks to the state of California loosening the reins on restrictions for carry-out cocktails, Toca Madera is now offering signature Azuñia Tequila cocktails available with food purchase. How did you decide which cocktails you were going to include on this exclusive menu?

We knew we wanted the cocktails we offered to follow the fresh, housemade, craft model of the Toca Madera concept. But the challenge was how to do this without spending a lot of money on a whole new business model, with a limited staff, and everything required to have a take out program like packaging, taking orders, and customer service. I started by going through our existing cocktail menu and cherry-picking the “Toca favorites.” Rather than reinvent the wheel, we decided to stick to those same recipes but allow our consumers to play a role in making their cocktail. Bringing the bar home.

How did you do that?

We knew that people in our communities were at home, and the majority of them were most likely looking for something to do. So, we figured we’d make our cocktails an interactive at-home experience. We had to consider what would translate to our customer’s at-home bar; most would not likely have a cocktail shaker or the quality of ice we use in our restaurants. So, we decided we’d educate our customers on how to put together their own Toca Madera craft cocktail.

First, we have a set schedule of when staff members will come in to prepare our fresh ingredients for our select cocktails, to ensure consistency and taste; this makes the base of the cocktail. Every to-go order has enough spirit to make two cocktails and Toca provides printed labels with the ingredients and instructions on how to build. And of course, a garnish is offered to give the cocktail the perfect finishing touch.

With Earth Day on the horizon, how is sustainability playing a role in your new business model?

During these times, cost consciousness is essential. We repurpose and reuse as much as possible. We’re recycling items that we have in-house like baggies and dry goods. The herbs we use, including thyme, cilantro, and mint, are all being used in both our cocktail and culinary programs. We still provide a garnish because a garnish is part of the experience, but now we use dehydrated limes instead of fresh. Not only do they look cool and have a lovely scent, but they are more efficient. Then there are other special touches, like a Tajín rim on the Amante Picante made with Azuñia Blanco, lime juice, agave, serrano pepper, and cilantro.

How is this new take-out program going?

The program is going well, and it’s growing. Pre-COVID-19, our beverage program was 50% of the business. Once we switched to take-out, we anticipated our beverage program would drop to 5%, 10% tops. But it’s 20%. People are ordering for virtual and at-home happy hours with their friends and family. Our customers have told us that it feels like they’re getting “Toca at home.”

We haven’t received any negative feedback so far. Just today, we had a customer place an order for six people–that’s 12 margaritas! We couldn’t be more thrilled. This experience has proven to us that every day brings something new, and you have to roll with the punches. Even though I’ve been in this industry for a long time (I won’t disclose HOW long), I’m surprised to find that I’m having just as much fun as I do behind the bar!

Why did you choose Azuñia to be the spirit of choice for your take-out cocktails?

I have a personal connection with Azuñia Tequila. I love the brand and the representation of farm and family, and this time is all about friends and family coming together. Even during order pickup, I’m noticing how kind people are to one another. That’s what Azuñia is all about. A bonus is that Azuñia uses organic agave, which stays true to our concept at Toca Madera.

Toca Madera To-Go Cocktails

If you are in the Los Angeles or Scottsdale areas, be sure to order these craft take-out Azuñia Tequila cocktails from Charity and the rest of the team at Toca Madera.

Calling All Bartenders

Are you feeling inspired to create your craft cocktail recipes at home? Then you won’t want to miss our #HomeIsWhereTheBarIs home-bartending competition, kicking off Tuesday 4/21/20, hosted by Eastside Distilling. Follow Eastside Distilling on Instagram to join the competition and to see both star and emerging bartenders compete with their signature home-bar cocktail creations.

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Sangrita Recipes

Sangrita: The Tequila Sipper’s Companion

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Sangrita Recipes

One of the best tequila cocktail concoctions may be a recipe you’ve never heard of before. Introducing, Sangrita – the traditional accompaniment to premium sipping tequila. Made with fresh fruit and spices, Sangrita is meant to cleanse the palate between sips of your favorite tequila while complimenting its smooth flavor profile.

Despite their comparable names, don’t confuse Sangrita with Sangria. Sangria is a wine-based punch of Spanish or Portuguese origins. While delicious (especially with tequila), it’s a cocktail on its own made with wine and fresh fruit, usually served in party-ready pitchers. The only similarity between Sangria and Sangrita (“little blood”) is the reddish-hue and fruit components.

Sangrita is also commonly compared to Vampiro. Although similar, Vampiro drinks are made from mixed fruit, tequila, and citrus soda. While Vampiro has the tequila already mixed in, you serve Sangrita alongside the agave spirit.

Sangrita Recipe

It is said that the classic Sangrita recipe dates back to Guadalajara in the 1920s. Fruit salad made of sliced tangerines, cucumbers, papayas, mangoes, and sprinkled with chili-laced jicamas and pomegranate seeds sprinkled. “Pico de Gallo” was a Jalisco breakfast mainstay. Leftover juice from the fruit was reserved in small clay cups (caballitos) and served later in the day with Blanco tequila. Both the Sangrita and the tequila are sipped slowly and thoroughly enjoyed. And the rumored original recipe is just the starting point. You can combine a wide variety of juices and spices for the perfect Sangrita. And just as any combo of fruit makes a tasty Sangrita, Blanco tequila is the standard, but we encourage you to try Reposado and Añejo, too. Better yet, conduct a tasting and take notes of which juices and tequilas you enjoy the most.

Are you ready to give this little known and often misunderstood drink a whirl? We have curated dynamic recipes from our friend and master mixologist, Kailee Asher. Kailee recommends making a batch of Sangrita and storing it in the fridge. They will stay fresh for 2-3 days. Some prefer their Sangrita to have a kick by adding in their favorite hot sauce. If you can handle the heat, we recommend adding Cutino’s habanero inspired sauces to your next batch of Sangrita. ¡Salud

Our Favorite Sangrita Recipes

Cucumber Sangrita Recipe

Cucumber Sangrita

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 green apple, cored
  • 1 peeled orange
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 1 tbsp 100% Blue Agave Syrup
  • 0.25 tsp vanilla extract

Add all ingredients except agave syrup and vanilla extract in a juicer*.
Extract juice into a pitcher.
Add agave syrup and vanilla extract.
Stir well.
Keep refrigerated.

*If you don’t have a juicer, a high-powered blender will do.

Tomato Beet Sangrita Recipe

Tomato Beet Sangrita

  • 2 large beefsteak tomato
  • 0.5 fresh peeled beet
  • 1 large carrot
  • 0.5 peeled lemon
  • 1 oz (small piece) fresh peeled ginger
  • 0.5 tsp Yuzu Koshu

Add all ingredients except Yuzu Koshu in a juicer*.
Extract juice into a pitcher.
Add Yuzu Koshu.
Stir well.
Keep refrigerated.

*If you don’t have a juicer, a high-powered blender will do.

Watermelon Sangrita Recipe

Watermelon Sangrita

Add all ingredients except agave syrup and Togarashi in a juicer*.
Extract juice into a pitcher.
Add agave syrup and Togarashi.
Stir well.
Keep refrigerated.
*If you don’t have a juicer, a high-powered blender will do.

Craving a Cocktail? 

If you prefer to enjoy your tequila in a craft cocktail rather than sipping in straight, we have recipes for you too. Check out our extensive searchable database filled with our favorite tequila cocktail recipes.

Let’s get social. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, and be sure to tag us so that we can see what you’re mixing up!

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The Authentic Cantarito Cocktail Recipe With Tequila

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Save the fancy crystal and put away the shiny silver shaker. Bring some flavor to your bar by shaking up a Cantarito cocktail. A Cantarito isn’t glitzy or fussy. It’s hard even to call it a “cocktail.” It’s a drink with a little character and a lot of moxie. You might consider a Cantarito like a Paloma Punch – grapefruit soda, tequila and citrus, served in “jarritos de barro grandes” or a big clay cup.

The Heart of the Cantarito is in the Cups

When we say that you don’t need a glass for this Cantarito drink recipe, that doesn’t mean you chug tequila straight from the bottle. The Cantarito is a down-to-earth drink served in a clay cup, also known as a “jarrito.” A good Cantarito starts with the perfect vessel.

The clay cups have been used in Latin American countries in bars and at roadside stands. The ceramic jars of varying sizes (individual up to “serves a whole table”) keep your drinks colder for a longer time, and when it’s hot outside, you want a cool drink. Did we mention how cool they look? Drinking out of one of these gives you instant authentic credibility.

Honestly Authentic, the Cantarito de Amatitán Recipe

Not only is the cup fun to drink out of, the drink is entertaining to make. And it’s even more enjoyable to watch the masters at work. If you haven’t to Amatitán, where Azuñia is grown, distilled and bottled, then you haven’t seen the magic that is Cantaritos El Guero. They take the simple traditional Cantarito de Amatitán recipe of orange, grapefruit, and lime juices, tequila, and grapefruit soda and make a performance out of the mixing.

It takes lots of practice to reach the level of the cantarito drink masters at Cantaritos El Guero, but it’s worthy trying out your bartending skills with our honestly authentic, traditional Cantarito de Amatitán recipe.

Make the Cantarito de Amatitán

  • 2 oz Azuñia Blanco or Reposado Organic Tequila
  • 1 oz Azuñia Organic Agave Nectar
  • .5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • .25 oz Grapefruit Juice
  • .25 oz Orange Juice
  • Dash of Sea Salt
  • Grapefruit Soda
  1. Combine all ingredients, except grapefruit soda and sea salt, in ice-filled cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  3. Add a dash of sea salt to the bottom of the glass and pour contents of shaker into glass.
  4. Top off with grapefruit soda. Top with slices of citrus for garnish.
Glass: Clay Mug or similar
Garnish: Orange Slice (optional: rim glass with sea salt)

While the traditional Cantarito recipe is a fan favorite, don’t be afraid to experiment. Serve up your favorite margarita or even the classic tequila Paloma in the iconic cup. Or skip the Cantarito mug all together like Jessica from Boundless Bliss did. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. No matter what you serve in it, we guarantee that what you serve it in will be the biggest hit of the night.

More Drinks to Mix

For more recipe ideas, check out our cocktail page. We have a tasty tequila drink for every style of cup on your shelf.

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How Sweet It Is – Cocktail Sweeteners by the Numbers

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Cocktail Sweetener - Bartender Mixing a Drink

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cocktail to unwind at the end of the day. While our favorite liquor, tequila, is naturally low in calories at about 96 calories for 1.5 fluid ounces, the sweeteners used to add balance to your mixed drink can often pack quite the sugary punch. Artificial sweeteners and even regular cane sugar can add unnecessary calories to your diet, potentially presenting a whole host of sugar-related health problems.

Luckily, there are several other cocktail sweeteners (some of them much more natural than refined sugar) that offer many uses and benefits. Each sweetener has its own lengthy list of pros and cons with it comes to your health, but each holds a special place in regards to mixology.

Whether natural or artificial, sugar is vital for mixing a balanced, great-tasting cocktail. It can be hard to know how much sugar you’re consuming since sweet ingredients vary greatly in their sugar content.

Consider these sugar alternatives (and some easy cocktails you can try!) to shake things up a bit at the bar, and check out our handy infographic to find out how much sugar is really in your favorite sweeteners.

1. White Simple Syrup

Nutcracker Flip Cocktail Sweetener Recipe


Carbs: 10 g

Simple syrup is one of the most commonly used sweeteners, so you are more likely to find it on the shelf at your local bar. What is simple syrup? It’s not anything fancy, yet it’s the top choice of bartenders all around the world. This syrup is essentially a mixture of equal parts sugar and water that is heated until the sugar dissolves. It’s an excellent choice for classic sweetened cocktails with intense, sugary flavors. While it’s no better for you than regular sugar, it is a perfect choice for a wide range of cocktails.

Our Recipe: The Nutcracker Flip

This wintertime favorite incorporates Azuñia Añejo Tequila, Ron Abuelo 12 year rum, Nocello walnut liqueur, and a few other unique ingredients (like a whole egg!) to create a warming cocktail. It calls for .25 oz of simple syrup and is garnished with a dehydrated orange wheel and fresh nutmeg. Try the Nutcracker Flip recipe.

2. Honey

Honey as a Cocktail Sweetener


Carbs: 17.5 g

While you can use any kind of honey to sweeten a cocktail, clover honey is one of the most common because it has the least amount of other interfering, underlying flavors. It is not used in cocktail recipes by itself very often but can be substituted for simple syrup with a little bit of dilution.

The tastes of different kinds of honey will vary quite a bit depending on the species the bees were visiting, but keep in mind that honey is an excellent choice nutritionally as well as gastronomically. It contains protein as well as other trace nutrients. While the quantities of these nutrients are likely negligible, the nutritional value of honey is still higher than that of regular cane sugar.

Honey is often used as a syrup in cocktails by heating it and dissolving it with equal parts of water. It comes in low on the glycemic index and once it’s cut down with water, is even better for you. It’s a great choice in a citrusy drink, like the one we suggested here, in particular.

Our Recipe

This recipe brings together everything that is fantastic about late summer, from fresh lemons to ripe strawberries. For this drink, you’ll combine Azuñia Añejo Tequila with Lillet Rouge, Mesquite Honey Syrup, fresh lemon juice, a strawberry, and just a dash of Angostura. For more, check out our recipe for Raise to the Fraise.

3. Maple Syrup


Carbs: 13.5 g

Made from the sap of maple trees, maple syrup is often used as a cocktail sweetener, offering a large percentage of sweetness without the chemical taste of many other kinds of sweeteners. While it’s commonly used as an alternative to rich simple syrup, it is usually only used in cocktails that call for it specifically, as it imparts a strong maple flavor.

If you’re using maple syrup to sweeten your drink, you’ll want to use a darker syrup for a more molasses flavor. Although maple syrup is not necessarily better for your health than regular cane sugar, it is the source of several vital nutrients like calcium and zinc. But that’s not all. Maple syrup has numerous other health benefits, which you can read about in this article by ManyEats.  Also, it’s an excellent substitute for simple syrup in an Old Fashioned. Plus, maple syrup is about one and a half times sweeter than regular simple syrup, meaning you can use less of it to achieve an equally sweet taste.

Our Recipe

This drink takes the classic Manhattan and brings it west. You can use Azuñia Black tequila with about three-quarters of a teaspoon of fresh maple syrup. The only other thing you’ll add is four dashes of orange bitters, and you’ll have a refreshing drink that can be served over rocks. View the complete recipe for the Manhattan Goes Hollywood on TownandCountryMag.com.

Download the Cocktail Sweeteners Infographic Now

5. Agave Syrup


Carbs: 6 g

Agave syrup is one of the sweetest of all cocktail sweeteners and can be used as a substitute for simple syrup when diluted. It is an excellent fit for lemony cocktails in particular. Agave is also a popular sweetener for tequila because it’s made from the same blue agave plant.

It is low on the glycemic index, giving you all the sweetness of an artificial sweetener with fewer of the disadvantages. It has a very thick texture, so it should be shaken instead of stirred. If you’re looking for low sugar cocktail recipes, however, agave syrup is the way to go.

Our Recipe

Time for a classic margarita. This spin on the classic cocktail requires no sugar, as it gets all of its sweetness from agave syrup. You can use any type of tequila, but we recommend the Azuñia Blanco tequila. Besides the tequila and agave syrup, all you will need to add is some fresh lime juice and some lime wedges to garnish. Shake, pour over ice, and enjoy. For more information, view the full recipe for our signature cocktail, the Organica.

6. Brown Sugar Syrup

Different Kinds of Cocktail Sweeteners


Carbs: 13 g

Brown sugar is white sugar with a bit of molasses, so it can be a little less refined than regular cane sugar. Of all the cocktail sweeteners, this one pairs best with complex tones like those in coffee or herbal cocktails. It may not be much better for your health than standard cane sugar, but it can add a richer flavor so that you don’t need to use quite as much in your cocktail.

Our Recipe

This tasty, warm cocktail, known simply as Butter, brings together the mild flavors of Brown Butter infused Azuñia Black with Smith & Cross Jamaica Rum, Lustau Palo Cortado Sherry, brown sugar syrup, orange bitters, and more. It’s easy to make and is garnished with a dehydrated banana chip and star anise, giving it a tropical flair.

7. Stevia in the Raw

Kombucha Margarita Cocktail Sweetener



A zero-calorie sweetener derived from the Stevia plant, this natural sweetener is about two- to four- hundred times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is a widely available herb and was used as a traditional remedy for stomach pains and burns. Now, it has been suggested that stevia has the potential to treat endocrine diseases, although more research is needed. It’s a great alternative to artificial sweeteners and certainly has its place in mixology.

Our Recipe

Kombucha is all the craze in the health food world these days, offering health benefits particularly regarding your digestive tract. This Kombucha margarita is a healthier take on the classic margarita, with a fizzy and tart flavor that creates the perfect summer cocktail. It uses stevia to taste (honey can be used as well) along with 3 oz of Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila. Check the recipe out here.

Download the Cocktail Sweeteners Infographic Now

8. Splenda


Carbs: .5 g

Splenda is a popular artificial sweetener, also known as sucralose, that is about 600 times sweeter than sugar. This popular non-nutritive sweetener was approved for use in 1998 and is often found in commercially packaged foods. It stays sweet even when used at high temperatures, making it a good choice for baked goods or cocktails that need to be heated.

9. Xylitol


Carbs: 10.5 g

Xylitol is another natural sweetener, a sugar alcohol that is a derivative of xylose. This sweetener is produced from birch bark and corn cob. While it is a natural sweetener, it is harder to digest, meaning it could cause some digestive issues. That being said, xylose is low on the glycemic index, so it is often recommended as an alternative to sugar.

10. Coconut Sugar

Chia Margarita with Coconut Sugar


Carbs: 12 g

Coconut sugar is natural, made from coconut palm tree sap. It provides roughly the same number of calories and carbohydrates as regular cane sugar, but it contains less fructose and glucose than regular refined sugar. This means it can be slightly better for your overall health as it is lower on the glycemic index. With a taste similar to that of brown sugar and the coloring of caramel, coconut sugar can be used in most cocktail recipes where you would usually use sugar.

Our Recipe

Margaritas have never truly been regarded as a health food, but this cocktail recipe takes things to that exact level. The Chia Margarita uses chia seeds (rich in omega-3s) and Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila as well as coconut sugar to sweeten it up. It’s a refreshing take on the margarita that won’t make you feel guilty about having a second or third. Find the full vegan cocktail recipe on onegreenplanet.org.

11. Yacon Syrup


Carbs: 10.5 g

Yacon syrup is extracted from the yacon root, which is indigenous to the Andes mountain region. This sweetener has been used by native people for hundreds of years and is sweet-tasting with a dark, thick consistency, not unlike molasses. Yacon syrup is an excellent source of dietary fiber and has fewer overall calories than sugar.

12. Molasses

Coffee Cocktail


Carbs: 15.7 g

Molasses, the South’s cocktail sweetener of choice, is the dark byproduct of the sugar making process. It has a unique, rich flavor that is ideal for sweet, dense cocktails. While there are several types of molasses, all of it is obtained from raw cane sugar. It is highly nutritious, mainly when purchased in its organic form, and contains copper, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, and a whole host of other nutrients.

Our Recipe

The Reppoccino is a perfect job for molasses. This cocktail is a warming drink, adding a bit of heat and best served with a shortbread cookie. To make it, combine a shot of Azuñia Reposado Organic Tequila with a teaspoon of molasses. Note that this recipe traditionally calls for a sugar cube, which is roughly half a teaspoon of sugar. Molasses is an adequate substitute, giving your cocktail a richer flavor. You’ll also add hot black coffee, cinnamon, whipped cream, and other ingredients to give this classic cocktail an indulgent finish.

13. Karo (Light or Dark)


Carbs: 15 g

Karo is a commercially prepared syrup from cornstarch. Also referred to as corn syrup, it is usually the darker version of the product and can be used interchangeably. It is ideal in cocktail recipes where a delicate, sweet flavor is needed.

Azunia Blanco Bottle

What cocktail has the least sugar?

Coming in under 150 calories, we recommend theAzuñia Organica, an organic skinny margarita, made with four simple ingredients:
1.5 oz Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila
.75 oz Azuñia Organic Agave Syrup
1 oz Fresh organic lime juice
Splash of water

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and pour into a glass. Garnish with an organic lime wheel.

INFOGRAPHIC: Which type of sugar is best for cocktails?

Cocktail Sweetener Alternatives

Download the Cocktail Sweeteners Infographic Now

Ready to give Azuñia tequila a try?

Sip Azuñia tequila neat or give one of these delicious cocktails a chance – and make sure you experiment with all of these alternative cocktail sweeteners. You’ll be able to enjoy your drink in style, without having to worry about the health impacts of artificial sweeteners.

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Tequila Production isn’t just Good for Happy Hour, it can be Good for the Environment

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How is tequila made? Where is tequila produced? What part of the agave is tequila made from? If you’ve ever wondered how the delicious liquid in your glass or margarita got there, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re talking tequila production.

Tequila is a gift from the land. Legend has it that during a storm in Jalisco, Mexico, lightning struck and scorched a blue agave plant, resulting in a golden juice, dripping from the center of the agave. The curious Aztecs were bold enough to taste it, and it was then that our relationship with tequila began.

Folklore or not, the planet is a fierce provider – that’s why we call her “Mother Earth.” In the Spirit of Earth Day, we’ll show you how our blue agave organic tequila is made in this expansive space.

Tequila Production and Climate Change

Mother Earth gives us things like water and blue agave plants, the only two ingredients in Azuñia tequila. The agave grows slowly, taking 7 to 10 years to mature, creating a stunning landscape in the process.

The visual benefits of the acres of blue agave are not the only gifts. The blue agave plant grown for tequila production may save the world, one gene at a time. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but scientists have recently discovered that the agave has a climate change resistant gene. So not only does this beautiful plant make tequila, it could hold the key to cultivating drought resistant plants.

However, the effects of climate change can potentially impact tequila production. Even though the blue agave plant has genes that make it strong, it’s not impervious to environmental changes.

What makes tequila “tequila” is a specific plant, grown in a particular manner, in a distinct region, harvested and distilled in accordance following strict guidelines. If hotter summers and colder winters affect the blue agave plant crops, there could be less of it to make tequila. We’re committed to making sure our fields are well-tended to keep them strong, healthy, and plentiful in the face of the ever-changing climate.

People have some power when it comes to climate change. If you want to help ensure that climate change doesn’t (at the minimum) take away your favorite libation, try these steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Water in Tequila Production

Organic Tequila Made With Local Spring Water

Azuñia tequila is agave and water. That’s it. No additives. Nada mas. Water has a significant impact on the flavor and quality of tequila, which is why we use local spring water in the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. It is so clear and pure that we could drink it right from the source.

Clean water isn’t just good for tequila. It’s essential to keep Mother Earth working happily and efficiently. To learn more about clean water’s impact on the world and not just tequila production, read this infographic from the Water Project.

Azuñia’s Organic Tequila Production

The highest quality blue agave plant and the purest water make top-shelf tequilas. That means we choose organic, whenever possible.

For produce to be certified organic, it must be grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs.) The same goes for beverages, including those of the alcoholic variety.

For tequila production to be USDA Certified and BioAgriCert Organic, like Azuñia Blanco and Azuñia Reposado, a rigorous certification process must be followed. The regulations must be stringently adhered to, and food or beverage must go through an annual recertification process.

That’s great for you – knowing that your favorite cocktail can “go organic.” And that translates to some really good things for Mother Earth, too. Here are some tips for adopting a more organic lifestyle.

Make Every Day, Earth Day

We are grateful for our Madre Tierra and all that she provides for us. And it’s our responsibility to take care of her. Help Mother Nature every day, not just Earth Day, by reducing your carbon footprint, reusing, recycling, buying USDA Certified and BioAgriCert when you can.

An easy (and fun) way to held reduce CO2 emissions is to use your bicycle instead of your car whenever possible. In addition to being a way to travel with zero emissions, biking has numerous health benefits as well. Increasing your physical activity will not only improve your mood, you can help your body ward off illness and leverage your brain power.

You can also join us in taking the No Plastic Straws Challenge to help us eliminate the use of this single-use plastic.

Cheers to Mother Earth with your favorite Azuñia organic cocktail! Try some of our favorite tequila cocktail recipes, including the Orgánica. With only four ingredients, our honestly authentic take on the organic, skinny margarita is as pure and straightforward as our tequila.

Azuñia Orgánica

1.5 oz. Azuñia Organic Tequila
0.75 oz. Azuñia Organic Agave Syrup
1 oz. fresh lime juice
Splash of water
Fresh or dehydrated lime wheel

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and pour into a rocks glass, rimmed with salt (optional.) Garnish.

What Else Do You Want to Know About Tequila Production?

Hopefully, we answered a lot of your questions about tequila production. If you still have questions, we have answers to your tequila FAQs right here on our website. Or feel free to reach out any time or follow us on social media to see how we’re working to save the planet, one margarita at a time.

Rum Raisin Boozy Milkshake

10 Boozy Milkshakes You Need in Your Life

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It’s the perfect time of year for creamy, delicious milkshakes—and adult versions featuring Azuñia Tequila are sure to be crowd-pleasers! Perfect for pool parties, cookouts, and warm summer nights, boozy milkshakes hit the spot anytime you want an indulgent, frosty libation.

We’ve got a lip-smacking lineup of grown-up milkshakes just for you! Check them out below:

Big Red Float

This easy and elegant drink is sure to impress your guests. Made with Azuñia Reposado—our award-winning tequila that’s rested in American Oak barrels for up to 8 months—the Big Red Float is a mouthwatering combination of cherries and vanilla. Ruby port, vanilla ice cream, cherry syrup, Lindeman’s Kriek Lambic Beer, and a garnish with fresh cherries team with Reposado to make a cherry-vanilla lover’s dream come true!

Root Beer Float

Nothing says summer like a refreshing root beer float, especially our adult version. This mix of Palo Cortado Sherry, bubbly root beer, creamy vanilla bean ice cream, and Añejo tequila is the classic treat that will take you back to endless summer nights. Top it off with some whipped cream for a fabulous foamy treat!

Kiwi Lime Pie Martini

Temptingly tart, our Kiwi Lime Pie Martini packs tangy flavors and a smooth creaminess you and your guests will absolutely love. Azuñia Blanco, vanilla vodka, kiwi syrup, pineapple juice, fresh pressed lime, and sweetened condensed milk are shaken with ice, poured into a glass, and garnished with a fresh lime wheel. So delectable!

Spiked Orange Julius

Talk about refreshing! This fresh orange frosty beverage combines Giffard Vanilla Liqueur, orange juice, whole milk, and simple syrup into a delectable summer sipper. Azuñia Blanco perfects this grown-up version!

Rum Raisin Milkshake

Do you love rum raisin ice cream? You’re in for a treat—our Rum Raisin Milkshake will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure. Combine Azuñia Reposado, Senior Curacao Rum Raisin, whole milk, and rum raisin ice cream and shake or blend. Garnish with some orange zest and some raisins to finish this delicious milkshake.

Miravalle Malted Milkshake

Looking for a chocolate lover’s dream boozy milkshake? Sink a straw into this combo of Azuñia Añejo, chocolate ice cream, Crème de Cacao, milk, and malted milk powder and prepare to swoon! Toss on a few malted milk balls for a fun garnish.

Salted Caramel Milkshake

Craving something fantastically flavorful and boozy? This Caramel Tequila Milkshake from the Food Network whirls together vanilla ice cream, tequila, and caramel for a dessert shake with a kick. Garnish this delight with whipped cream, sea salt, and a candied orange.

Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake

One of your favorite Girl Scouts cookies gets a grown-up makeover with this Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake. Blend milk and cocoa powder, and then add tequila, chocolate and mint chip ice creams, and mint schnapps. Whipped cream and crushed Thin Mints make the ideal garnish for this scrumptiously-inspired shake.

Margarita Milkshake

Margaritas are made better with vanilla ice cream—this Margarita Milkshake will knock your socks off!  Blend vanilla ice cream, Triple Sec, tequila, and fresh lime juice, and you have a fantastic concoction to pair with nachos or tacos.

Leche Mexicana (Mexican Milk)

Milk does a body good, especially when there’s tequila in it. Made with tequila, Crème de Cocoa White Cream, and half & half, the Leche Mexicana is creamy and indulgent. Enjoy this sophisticated libation as a nightcap.

Who doesn’t love boozy milkshakes? Azuñia tequila is the perfect addition to your summer fun. Find out where to pick up Azuñia near you! Happy milkshake-making!

A Low-Calorie Blueberry Tequila Cocktail to Try

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Honey Blueberry Cocktail


Laura Crago, a Senior Instructor for SoulCycle and brand ambassador for Lululemon, shares her can’t miss vitamin-packed blueberry cocktail recipe for a healthier margarita that will have you leaping with joy.

I love tacos, great tequila, and even more so love a cold, perfectly shaken, 100 percent agave tequila to make a delicious margarita with! I recently tried Azuñia Tequila for the first time, and my lips were singing for more. I didn’t need to add a ton of sweet and sour mix. In fact, I didn’t add any! Instead, I mixed in my daily go-tos, shook them with ice and added a splash of my favorite club soda and – voila! The Honey Blue blueberry cocktail was born. I should mention that I was a bartender in New York City before my journey into the fitness world. Mixology was a passion of mine just so you know I’m not your average margarita drinker and this is not my only recipe.

Fitness Experts Blueberry Cocktail

Working out for a living – teaching 10+ high-intensity cycling classes a week –  means eating right is part of the job description, it’s survival for the fitness instructors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a margarita from time to time. The key is what you’re putting in it. What are you putting in your margarita? How does clover honey, freshly squeezed lemon, blueberries topped with Q Mixers Club Soda for those perfect bubbles sound?! Well, let me tell you, it’s pretty tasty and has so many benefits to boot:

Blueberries —> High in Antioxidants
Lemons —> Beneficial levels of Vitamin C
Raw Clover Honey —> Clover honey has minerals, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese, as well as high levels of B vitamins, vitamin C, and calcium. There are 64 calories in a tablespoon of this honey, but no fat or cholesterol. Since there is no processing, most of these nutrients are fully retained. YAHOO!
Club Soda —> Unflavored carbonated water is hydrating, and I love the bubbles! Plus, Q Mixers doesn’t add anything but the carbonation and Himalayan salt to their club soda!

I believe in balance. Although it’s not always easy to find, it’s necessary, and therefore I think everyone should try this blueberry cocktail recipe and sip it slowly with some friends, tacos, and great conversation because if I’ve ever had a tequila drink that encouraged me to relax this is it.

How to make the Honey Blue Blueberry Cocktail

Honey Blueberry Cocktail

2 oz Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila
Handful Fresh Blueberries
2-3 Lemon Slices
1 tsp Raw Clover Honey
Splash of Q Mixers Club Soda
Rock Salt, for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, muddle handful of blueberries, 2-3 lemon wheels and clover honey to taste.
After ingredients are muddled, add plenty of ice and tequila.
Shake vigorously.
Strain mix into mason jar glass filled with fresh ice. Honey rim the glass and dip in rock salt for a nice salty sweet flavor.
Top with Club Soda, a few blueberries and lemon wheel. ENJOY!

If you’re more of a tequila sipper try my favorite way to sip.

Cragoʼs Cinnamon Orange Shot:
2 oz of Azuñia Organic Blanco or World’s Best Reposado chilled in a shot glass. (I prefer Blanco.)
1 Orange wedge sprinkled with cinnamon

Sip the tequila then eat the orange! YUM!

I encourage you to sip responsibly and remember that the cool thing to do is to sip and enjoy with friends and always have a designated driver.

Laura Crago's Honey Blueberry Cocktail

Find Laura in real life at SoulCycle La Jolla or on Instagram where she shares inspiration and motivation (and fun) for creating a healthy and balanced life.

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