Our Ode to Simple Tequila Drinks: El Arnoldo

El Arnoldo Simple Tequila Drink

No matter where you live, if it’s in the U.S., you’re likely dealing with some sweltering heat and (gasp) humidity. Here in SoCal, it wears our patience thin when we have to do anything while sweating. We’re getting so desperate that we tried a few of these ingenious ways to stay cool. We won’t say which ones, though. None of these “stay cool” tricks worked as well, or as easily, as making one of our favorite simple tequila drinks. Meet El Arnoldo.

Lemons for Simple Tequila Drink

What is the El Arnoldo?

What is this easy drink that keeps us cool? You want to get in on the cocktail cooling, huh? The El Arnoldo is a simple concoction that takes a refreshing, familiar summer standard and gives it a little kick. This craft cocktail (a.k.a. “Tipsy Arnold Palmer”) combines smooth Azuñia Añejo tequila, fresh squeezed lemonade, and classic black iced tea. We’re confident that the El Arnoldo will become one of your favorite cocktail drinks and a staple to cool you down on these warm summer nights.

Feet Poolside

What is in the El Arnoldo?

Whether lounging poolside (#lucky) or cooling off under the ceiling fan on the couch, the El Arnoldo is easy enough to whip up on a moment’s notice. In fact, when the mood strikes you (um, always), chances are you have the ingredients on hand for this thirst-quenching tequila recipe. Just make sure to stock up on Añejo tequila. Follow the simple and effortless recipe below. The cool-down payoff will be huge.

How do I make El Arnoldo?

El Arnoldo

3 tbsp (1.5 oz.) Azuñia Añejo Tequila

4 tbsp (2 oz.) Lemonade

4 tbsp (2 oz.) Ice Tea

Preparation: Combine all ingredients into shaker. Shake for 5 seconds and dump into glass.

Glass: Collins

Garnish: Lemon Wheel

Different Simple Tequila Drinks and Playing Cards

Not sold on it?

We get it. A sweet-tart like this isn’t for everyone. Iced tea isn’t everyone’s bag. Don’t worry! We’ve got an arsenal of heat-busting (and simple) tequila drink recipes. Take a look around. Mix up a pitcher of whatever you like. And share your favorite with us in the comments below.

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