Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas – Don’t Keep this Trip a Secret

Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas

We all know the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It is the battle cry of weekend travelers and the slogan of the city. But have you been there lately? There is so much super cool stuff going on there now that we don’t understand why anyone would want to keep their Vegas weekends a secret?! Historically, Las Vegas has been the City of Lost Wages – a mecca of overindulgence in everything from sun, to booze, and of course, gambling. A sort of renaissance has occurred in the desert city over the past several years. It’s not just a tacos and tequila Las Vegas-style recovery (although we like that part best).

Football on Field Taco and Tequilas Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Pro Sports Mecca

Maybe it’s just us, but we aren’t surprised the NFL chose Las Vegas as the newest home to one of the most established football franchises. When the Raiders were looking for new digs, and the city of Oakland couldn’t make the deal happen, Las Vegas went courting. Think of the possibilities… bachelor and bachelorette parties – tacos and tequila, Vegas, and professional football. You most certainly would want to come home and tell all your friends about your trip.

It’s not just football that’s heading to Sin City. The NHL recently announced that it’s newest hockey team, the Golden Knights, will set up center ice in Las Vegas. Imagine your social media feed blowing up with images of tacos and tequila, Las Vegas skyline, a Saturday hockey game, and a Sunday football game. And a little blackjack too. You couldn’t pay us to keep that kind of weekend a secret.

Audience Members Concert

The Hottest Shows Aren’t at MSG

It used to be that when Elton John or Britney Spears wanted to do a week-long stint, they’d book (and sell out) Madison Square Garden. The entertainment caliber has gone from B-list comedians and magicians to A-list celebs. Think Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Faith Hill, and Mariah Carey. Our mind is blown by the talent that graces Vegas stages. There’s no way we’d be able to keep that much fun to ourselves.

Downtown Las Vegas

DTLV is no longer “Old Las Vegas”

The Golden Nugget, the El Cortez, the D. The slots were cheap and loose, and the hotel rooms were dank and dirty. Notice we said “were”. Old Las Vegas is no longer the seedy little sister of the Strip. The hotels are luxury spots with 5-star pools. That is, if you consider swimming with sharks 5-star luxury! No need to even try to keep what happens here, here. Very few could resist Snapchatting the trip down the waterslide through the shark tanks!

The reimagined DTLV (that’s Downtown Las Vegas to those in the know) is pretty awesome. Pop-up concerts and street performers line Fremont Street. It’s a visually over-stimulating sensory experience to be “experienced”. We’re not travel agents, but we’d definitely suggest spending at least part of your Vegas weekend in DTLV.

Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ Culinary Comeuppance

The extent of the Las Vegas food scene used to be the faster the better, huge greasy portions, and 22 ounce beers to wash it all down. Or the super fancy, high-priced, make-reservations-6-months-in-advance kind of restaurants. Lucky us, we’re rolling all 7s with the onslaught of culinary delights gracing the city. And even luckier than hitting 21 after you’ve double-down is the tacos and tequila Las Vegas scene.

One hot spot with the tacos and tequila Las Vegas vibe to beat all others is La Comida in the DTLV area. It’s so hot it made Thrillist’s list of the top 14 hot spots on Fremont Street. La Comida is masterminded by Jenna and Michael Morton, proprietors of La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway at the Wynn Las Vegas and CRUSH at the MGM Grand. La Comida is larger than life.

Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas - La Comida

Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas

With over 3,500 square feet of restaurant space, this DTLV restaurant is the perfect mash up all things tacos and tequilas Vegas-style. It expertly combines authentic, chef-inspired, Mexican cuisine, with all things American rock-n-roll design. Once you pass the 7-foot neon monkey clinging to the roof, you are ushered into a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure. Chef Paloma Cuellar’s menu includes gorgeous Mexican dishes like ceviche de camarón, carnitas, and enchiladas with twists like the hamberguesa Mexicana, and pollo al horno. The pollo al horno is a delicious dish of mixiote chicken, nopales (cactus), squash, onions and an achiote sauce.

Not in the mood for pollo, La Comida serves a Veracruz-style sea bass with onions, peppers, cilantro, and Serrano chiles. But the best treat on the menu is the street tacos. 6 different tacos to choose from – carnitas, chicken and carne asada, plus breaded shrimp and 2 different fish tacos. Is there anything on a menu better than that? We can only think of one thing better than tacos, and La Comida has you covered. Their spirits list features over 100 tequilas. Try one of their magnificent margaritas like the aptly-named “Downtown”. Ask for it with Azuñia! In addition to the mouthwatering margaritas, you can tickle your tequila fancy with a flight of Azuñia. The flight includes organic Blanco and Reposado, Añejo, and Black, our 2-year extra aged Añejo tequila. We suggest pairing an Azuñia flight with (at least one) flight of tacos.

Good food is meant to be shared. So please don’t keep this restaurant to yourself. Bring all your best travel buds and share the foodie-love when you get back home.

What Happens in Vegas

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