Virtual Vacation: Where to Drink in Sarasota

Leaving on a Jet Plane -Where to Drink in Sarasota

They Live Where You Vacation

Summer is over. The kids have been back in school for at least a month. Days are getting shorter, and homework is the bane of our existence. It’s only October, and we’re already clamoring for our next summer vacation. You know who isn’t thinking about vacation? People in Sarasota. Do you know why? Because they live where we vacation. There’s nothing more we want to do than buy a one-way ticket and hit the airport for a trip to Florida. But…work. So we’ll have to settle for perusing online travel mags, reading about where to drink in Sarasota, and going on a virtual vacation. Want to go with us? Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine we’re on our way to the Sunshine State.

Where to Drink in Sarasota - Vitamin Sea

It’s Always Sunny in Sarasota

Literally. We hope you packed your shorts and flip-flops in your carry-on. With an average yearly high of 81 degrees and low of only 61 degrees, you can sit on the beach almost year-round. Situated on the southwest side of Florida, Sarasota has some of the most amazing beaches in the state. The city is 26 square miles, 11 of which are water, which means that the second we step off the plane, we’re headed straight towards some vitamin “sea”.

First stop, Siesta Key Beach, ranked No. 6 in 2015 on National Geographic’s Best Family Beaches in the States. Close your eyes and feel the “powdered sugary sand” between your toes. Tilt your head to hear the squeal of a pod of dolphins and the shriek of the seagulls. Breathe in the smell of the salty air and suntan lotion. Can you feel your shoulders warming up under the heat of the midday sun? It’s time for a dip in the water.

Where to drink in Sarasota - Two Senoritas

Where to Drink (And Eat, of course) in Sarasota

On our virtual vacation and #IRL (in real life), the best thing about a long day in the sun is the giant meal and frosty beverages that follow (vacation #protip: ask the locals the “must dos”). While you were napping on the beach, we took a walk and asked some natives where to drink in Sarasota. That’s how we ended up at Two Senoritas in downtown Sarasota.

Family-owned and operated, Two Senoritas has been serving up authentic Mexican food to locals and tourists for over two decades. Located in the heart of downtown Sarasota, this favorite was recently awarded Best Mexican Restaurant by Sarasota Magazine. So you know it has to be good. The ambiance is warm and welcoming. Tin tiled ceilings and brightly colored Fiestaware lend to the authenticity of Two Senoritas.

We’ve ordered a round of organic skinny margaritas, and the table-side guacamole is on its way. BTW, the guac isn’t technically a “starter”. It’s just to stave off the hunger we developed driving around this vacation wonderland (in case you were judging). Next, a crisp and refreshing jicama salad made with crunchy jicama and fresh spinach, married in a raspberry vinaigrette. With honey chipotle pecans, dried cherries, and gorgonzola cheese, this salad has everything. We heard the house special Ancho crusted salmon is a “must-try.” We’re hoping someone will share because the poblano chicken sounds just as delicious as the salmon. Because we’re on vacation, you know we’re having dessert. We are definitely ending this perfect day with deep fried cheesecake (oh baby!).

Where to Drink in Sarasota - Skinny Margarita

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Our bellies are full. Our skin is sun kissed. It’s time make our way back home. Sarasota, it’s been real. Thanks for letting us traipse around your beautiful, warm and welcoming city. This virtual vacation was just the break from reality that we needed.

Virtual travel is much easier than real travel. No flight delays. No lost luggage. And the calories don’t count. Thank goodness, because the food at Two Senoritas is divine. Lucky us! The bad part of  virtual travel means you don’t actually get to experience the city or the food and drink. Boo.

But there is some good news even if you can’t get on a real plane and head out to Florida. You can keep your eyes open for places to enjoy delicious food and drinks #IRL close to your house. Take a trip over to our map to find a staycation location that serves Azuñia near you.

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